If terms of time, but now I write “the descendants of the sun” is not some outdated? But out of date, so what, because after only write, it seems how much I like and dislike about the show. When the “descendants of the Sun,” the hottest time, I disdain, when the National Song Zhongji husband maxed out my screen when I’m watching Sicong microblogging, when a particular dinner with friends, only to find whatever you willing, the girls tease the mind and it was gone, when you paid no attention to the descendants.

In order not to be thrown all the way, I decided to make a little bit of the drama of it, if it were using. Really, to be on the handsome, Song Zhongji really not so handsome, but really Shuashuai skills a must, where there are too many shadows Korean romance drama, such as the kind of look in your eyes, that did not pass sloppy you stay in a high wind messy cold, that you suddenly defenseless under a kiss thrilling. In my opinion, this is not entirely a military themes TV drama, the military only to the male of a more halo background only, after all, even the best-maintained special forces, nor Song Zhongji so good skin.

In addition to Song Zhongji will be a lot of super skills outside SHK do not give the opportunity to joke again both Song Zhongji also white torn, love is sexual gratification thing to say when all the powerful stitch Song Zhongji sister nirvana, the other Song Hye Kyo kept forgot to fit a variety of opportunities and implications. Song Hye Kyo has a thing, first of all find Song Zhongji, how she does not go Xu, deputy sergeants and others? Song Zhongji say high emotional intelligence will tease sister, my brother wanted to tease Kyo skills are very strong, and a variety of sell Meng showy and thoughtfulness, is also of a man. Take that thing Minesweeper, watching Song Zhongji not rash and deliberately stepped close to the situation with the help of mine, and to push to finally relent together, which is simply a standard routine Korean okay. Through loudspeakers also play Kyo car hanging cliff cried the last words of that period, the mobile phone and music recordings are separate, and the entire period of emotional drama of the large ones are Korean ah.

Speaking of watches , I am afraid I do not see Yanzhuo Song Hye Kyo wear what table, it was said DW, it was said to be something else quartz watch , anyway, in any case, the watch does not matter, because she was good-looking, anyway, than the table Pretty. Song Zhongji wearing a Breitling , everyone has heard, but he took more than a Breitling, I see there are two, usually leave when wearing a Breitling chronograph aviation , while in the mission or in the army when he usually wearing a Breitling mechanical chronograph . Both watches are Breitling chronograph watch in professional aviation chronograph function with flying sliding scale, professional services for pilots, most people simply do not use it do not understand, is not easy to learn, the mechanical chronograph watches relatively little civilian, functions easier to operate and use. Interestingly, Song Zhongji mechanical chronograph still wearing a blue plate of the table, in a serious and disciplined army was so eye-catching, in fact, usually wear is also very appropriate.

In addition to Breitling for military personnel, from the perspective of matching watch, there are several brands of tables is recommended choice, such as Bo Laishi, Panerai , IWC , Rolex , Breguet , Audemars Piguet , of course, these tables They are more expensive, wages of ordinary soldiers not that high, then Hamilton , Mido and some other brands such as military style SINN, Lang Kun , also can refer to.

 US screen hard

In fact, say tease sister, Song Zhongji really not as good as Wu Jing, if you take the “descendants of the Sun” and the Wu Jing “Wolf” to more than, Wu Jing’s sister tease skills that can be called a must, Wu Jing body, spirit and soul of sense , Song Zhongji stronger than too many. Of course, as TV drama, hyperbole is certainly inevitable, but Wu Jing’s style did not eventually lead to thousands of girls heart, Song Zhongji eventually lead to success.

Chopin and Monaco Antique Car Grand Prix have a long history, deep ties. The competition was founded in 1998, originally to commemorate King Monaco Room 700 anniversary of the accession to the throne, also called the “old car” version of the Formula One Grand Prix. To mark this distinctive racing, Chopard launched the 2012 version of Monaco vintage racing limited edition watch . Official Number: 168992-3032

Matt gray wrist watch tone, rich texture. Vivid colors and exclusive racing rubber pattern, all of the design elements are displayed: Chopin’s new limited edition watch racing Moroccan antiques, antique car up in the 1970s as a representative of the tribute.

Monaco Grand Prix antique car antique car only accepted to participate, so it is different. Chopard for participation in this event once again highlights the strong roots in this Swiss watchmaker and antique car industry between the brand and the passion for this remarkable coexistence and precise movement of the highest respect. Antique Car Rally for the majority of fans to provide a tunnel through the time, recalls the golden age of racing in Monaco opportunity .

Monaco vintage racing limited edition watch features Detailed Figure

   The new limited edition watch Monaco vintage racing design style and those precious single-seat racing aesthetic spirit echoes. Matt titanium case with a smoke gray dial design uses antique car body features are modeled directly. The time scale, the second hand and gray ” Barenia ” calfskin strap derivatives are selected sutures bright orange jump, so low-key dial burst out of passion and vitality. These colors also echoes the characteristics of the graphic design of the 1970s, while shades of the same color racing stripes on the dial is equally the case.

Watch Case material titanium metal, titanium metal lighter than steel 43%, but has excellent overall corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Titanium is the world’s most unique and most expensive material, its unique color, but also enhance the appearance of the watch.

As a build specifically for racing fans watch, watch with a chronograph and tachometer scale ring function. Steering wheel racing crown decorated with a pattern, you can see racing figure.

Dial diameter of 42.40 mm, thickness of 16.47 mm, although there is a certain thickness of the watch, but feel light, does not have a heavy feeling when worn. Watch water resistant to 50 meters.

Gray “Barenia” calf strap decorated with perforations, and with orange stitching, and design inspiration antique racing match.

Titanium metal strap with pin buckle, to further meet the lightweight motorsport stringent requirements.

Watches are equipped with Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification of precision self-winding mechanical movement with hours, minutes, small seconds and date display window, power reserve of 48 hours. The back of the watch equally attractive, transparent case back under the table to show the beauty of the mechanical movement of the operation, and engraved with the “Grand Prix de Monaco Historique” word commemorative, decorated with Automobile Club de Monaco (Monaco Automobile Club on sapphire crystal ) badge.

world-renowned Basel International Jewellery clock table show (BASELWORLD) has opened the watch in front of home mission staff also reported that work has already begun, they will bring you the 2015 Basel International Jewellery Watch Fair of the latest, fastest, most comprehensive coverage. Here follow the footsteps of the watch house, to appreciate this International Jewelry & Watch Fair in Basel, Hublot launched a new Big Bang Ferrari metal carbon fiber watch.
Watch the whole show real shot:

Case diameter 45 mm
Case with Hublot to create unique 18K Wang
Dazzling micro blasting rendered silky coat metallic
      Carbon fiber and metal unprecedented fusion! HUBLOT Hublot launched exclusive bezel, science and technology to create an unrivaled visual feast. Big Bang Ferrari metal carbon fiber first watch equipped with a new synthetic material, carbon fiber and metal in a way unimaginable daring combination, highlighting innovation charm. Following Big Bang Hublot Ferrari series is the world’s first scratch-resistant 18K gold material magic, watch the series again showing excellent results Hublot R & D department. Hublot and Ferrari uphold the shared vision in the pursuit of extraordinary quality, breakthrough innovation and pioneer material road and never stop.
Watch real shot show details:
Bezel of carbon fiber and metal presents an unprecedented fusion


Side of the case printed with “Ferrari” mark


 Dial at 9 o’clock mosaic Ferrari Prancing Horse logo


Bottom of the table carved “HUBLOT” and “BIG BANG” sign on a fixed bezel sapphire crystal glass

Equipped with self-developed manufacturing Hublot HUB 1241 UNICO chronograph retrograde movement

      The new synthetic material properties of the metal element carbon fibers in the fusion process by mutual complement each other, set the visual appeal and technological innovation in one. Big Bang Ferrari metal watch case with carbon fiber or titanium Hublot unique 18K Wang to build, more chic details: Dazzling micro blasting coating not only enhance case hardness while imparting a silky metallic finish. Button in the middle of the case is fixed to the rotating shaft, pedal cars and have the same purpose. Dial at 9 o’clock mosaic Ferrari Prancing Horse logo, chronograph minute window and date window is at 3 o’clock,replica watches  Ferrari shield color rendering.
Summary: Big Bang Ferrari Carbon fiber metal Hublot watch a perfect interpretation of the unique and extraordinary gene technology, excellent quality and integration of high-tech materials. Brand development team took six months of careful study and successfully build a hierarchy of composite materials bezel – for the first time allow metal uniformly adhered to the top of the carbon fiber material. Ultimately creating a Wang or attachment titanium carbon fiber bezel, again make sense of technology Big Bang series of filling.