The three tables for the boyfriend to buy it to wear Guarantee

Crash hollow manual winding watch

Features Cartier watch Crash apparent irregular distortion of the case, with the surrealist master Salvador Dali “The Persistence of Memory” paintings of the clock is extremely similar, even if Crash watch was born in the late 1960s, its tables shell shape in today’s opinion, it is still quite unique bold. Cartier preparing to publish a new Crash watch in 2015, with a new self-made skeleton movement 9618MC, as on a manual winding movement.

The three tables for the boyfriend to buy it to wear Guarantee

Cartier-made skeleton movement 9618MC

Observation 9618MC hollow plywood form Roman numerals, we can not help but think of last year published Tank MC skeleton watch, and indeed, While 9618MC from Tank MC, Santos 100 skeleton watch these two come equipped 9611MC deformation, but in order to Crash with special case modeling, movement structure produce large deformation, presented a refreshing look, Crash finally not only the case, even the movement faithfully convey the meaning of the crash.

The three tables for the boyfriend to buy it to wear Guarantee

Rotonde de Cartier Annual Calendar: 18K white gold case

Rotonde de Cartier Calendar

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier watch calendar is not something new, previously had published in 2012, the same self-9908MC automatic winding movement is based, it can automatically determine the size of the inside has a monthly calendar module. Cartier just the face plate in order to allow more compact display, calendar display mode from the pointer to the original carousel, with the dial window, indicating the month more legible, and along this year’s return policy case size, the new Rotonde de Cartier calendar exemplar diameter of 40 mm, compared to the 2012 models, the table diameter reduced by 5 mm.

The three tables for the boyfriend to buy it to wear Guarantee

Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon: 18K white gold case

Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon

While watches when first published in 2012 seems eccentric movement structure, so that, minutes, driven by a minute tourbillon small seconds display, are gathered on the right side of the dial, very interesting. This year’s new return to simple, face plate design is no longer used hollow Roman numerals (last time I saw such a face plate design is similar to last year’s mysterious watch to see eccentric face plate design), but with a radiation machine engravings covered face plate, simple but still engaging.

When we can find an effective way to treat children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy? Present in every 3,500 boys have a high risk of suffering from this disease. Prince sponsorship commitments Monte Bay II, Monaco anti Duchenne muscular dystrophy association is organizing a remarkable watch auction.



“Only watch” the auction gathered the largest watch brand, which in the highly competitive market for all competitors with a laudable objective: funding research aimed at treating affect 250,000 children with debilitating diseases. Designed specially for the auction and watch series will parade around the world, and the auction will lead to a healthy spirit will guide the watch brand to show unprecedented courage and creativity. For 2011 Only Watch auction, Zenith manufacturers will launch on two unique left-hand list section. Why a reverse design? Like Leonardo da Vinci, the global one in ten people are left-handed, the ratio between countries vary greatly, in some areas even up to a quarter. Both watches are designed specifically for them.
Both watches belong Commander Chronograph Rose Gold Series Chronograph series and pilots. The former has the K gold case, suitable for use in a professional environment workday wear; while the latter adopts stainless steel material and dynamic appearance, is ideal for leisure time and weekend activities. Both watches are powered by the El Primero movement – the movement of highly favored global watch enthusiasts. About the name commonly cited, quite closely: Zenith introduced in 1969 by the world’s most fully simplifies precise series production mechanical movement. Its secret lies in the balance of rhythm: vibrating 10 times per second, while the other movement vibrations per second up to 8 times. This is it different strengths, so that the El Primero firmly among the senior watch high vibration frequency fields.
Since its founding, the Zenith brand has always accompanied explorers, adventurers and scientists to move forward together. Monaco sitting head of state’s great-grandfather, Prince Albert I had worn Zenith brand watches, nicknamed “Prince of scholars,” the Albert it is one of the sponsors recognized ecological environmental movement.

If terms of time, but now I write “the descendants of the sun” is not some outdated? But out of date, so what, because after only write, it seems how much I like and dislike about the show. When the “descendants of the Sun,” the hottest time, I disdain, when the National Song Zhongji husband maxed out my screen when I’m watching Sicong microblogging, when a particular dinner with friends, only to find whatever you willing, the girls tease the mind and it was gone, when you paid no attention to the descendants.

In order not to be thrown all the way, I decided to make a little bit of the drama of it, if it were using. Really, to be on the handsome, Song Zhongji really not so handsome, but really Shuashuai skills a must, where there are too many shadows Korean romance drama, such as the kind of look in your eyes, that did not pass sloppy you stay in a high wind messy cold, that you suddenly defenseless under a kiss thrilling. In my opinion, this is not entirely a military themes TV drama, the military only to the male of a more halo background only, after all, even the best-maintained special forces, nor Song Zhongji so good skin.

In addition to Song Zhongji will be a lot of super skills outside SHK do not give the opportunity to joke again both Song Zhongji also white torn, love is sexual gratification thing to say when all the powerful stitch Song Zhongji sister nirvana, the other Song Hye Kyo kept forgot to fit a variety of opportunities and implications. Song Hye Kyo has a thing, first of all find Song Zhongji, how she does not go Xu, deputy sergeants and others? Song Zhongji say high emotional intelligence will tease sister, my brother wanted to tease Kyo skills are very strong, and a variety of sell Meng showy and thoughtfulness, is also of a man. Take that thing Minesweeper, watching Song Zhongji not rash and deliberately stepped close to the situation with the help of mine, and to push to finally relent together, which is simply a standard routine Korean okay. Through loudspeakers also play Kyo car hanging cliff cried the last words of that period, the mobile phone and music recordings are separate, and the entire period of emotional drama of the large ones are Korean ah.

Speaking of watches , I am afraid I do not see Yanzhuo Song Hye Kyo wear what table, it was said DW, it was said to be something else quartz watch , anyway, in any case, the watch does not matter, because she was good-looking, anyway, than the table Pretty. Song Zhongji wearing a Breitling , everyone has heard, but he took more than a Breitling, I see there are two, usually leave when wearing a Breitling chronograph aviation , while in the mission or in the army when he usually wearing a Breitling mechanical chronograph . Both watches are Breitling chronograph watch in professional aviation chronograph function with flying sliding scale, professional services for pilots, most people simply do not use it do not understand, is not easy to learn, the mechanical chronograph watches relatively little civilian, functions easier to operate and use. Interestingly, Song Zhongji mechanical chronograph still wearing a blue plate of the table, in a serious and disciplined army was so eye-catching, in fact, usually wear is also very appropriate.

In addition to Breitling for military personnel, from the perspective of matching watch, there are several brands of tables is recommended choice, such as Bo Laishi, Panerai , IWC , Rolex , Breguet , Audemars Piguet , of course, these tables They are more expensive, wages of ordinary soldiers not that high, then Hamilton , Mido and some other brands such as military style SINN, Lang Kun , also can refer to.

 US screen hard

In fact, say tease sister, Song Zhongji really not as good as Wu Jing, if you take the “descendants of the Sun” and the Wu Jing “Wolf” to more than, Wu Jing’s sister tease skills that can be called a must, Wu Jing body, spirit and soul of sense , Song Zhongji stronger than too many. Of course, as TV drama, hyperbole is certainly inevitable, but Wu Jing’s style did not eventually lead to thousands of girls heart, Song Zhongji eventually lead to success.