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Dialogues – Interview with Mr. Liu Lei, Sales Director of Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre China

Jaeger-LeCoultre craft show activities at the scene


   September 20, 2012, Taiyuan, with advanced watchmaking technology and 179-year-old Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre, grand open “witness extraordinary plot top watchmaking exhibition.” The magazine as a guest of the media conducted a full coverage of the event, while correspondents also take this opportunity to Jialu China Sales Director Mr. Liu Lei conducted an interview.

“Watch” magazine: Mr. Liu Lei, Hello! Please briefly introduce Jaeger-LeCoultre brand positioning and sales model in the Chinese market, do you think there are similarities and differences between Chinese market and overseas market?

General Manager Liu: From the brand positioning is concerned, we have always positioned in the high-end watch level. Replica Watches The quality of high-end watches is inseparable from the research and development of technology and the pursuit of precise time, so many years we have focused on the development of advanced watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre is a brand with a long history of accumulation, is one of the few historical charm and very innovative senior watch brand.

   Distribution model, we comply with a sales model of high-level consumer goods, mainly to do the distributors and direct sales stores in Shanghai and other big cities. As for the similarities and differences between domestic and foreign markets, I personally think that the consumer market is full of content, customer buying habits, brand awareness, in fact, in this regard, the difference is not too much domestic and foreign markets. Because the watch culture is a very historic culture, its business model and market characteristics have not changed much for centuries. Watches and clocks market abroad is relatively mature, but now many brands regard China as a key market, domestic development is also fast. In the aftermarket, etc., the country has also done well over the years, even surpassing the European local market.

Left: “Watch” magazine correspondent Liu Gang at the event site with the plot watch division on the tabulation skills to communicate
right: Jikai Taiyuan store air bell display


“Watch” magazine: At present, many watch brands have launched the e-commerce network sales service, how do you think about this model, you personally think that the electricity supplier on the traditional watch sales area will play what kind of impact?

Mr. Liu: IMHO, electricity supplier such a sales platform, and senior watch sales planning equal sign still need some time. E-commerce customers regardless of the type, or age, or purchasing power and luxury watch customers are still very different. In addition, from the characteristics of the product, we are mainly handmade products, while the main provider of fast consumer goods. In addition from the annual output in terms of speaking, the characteristics of watches and e-commerce products do not meet. There is from the consumer point of view, senior watch customers are more hope to buy the product quality assurance, but also want to go to the store to experience the purchase. Although the e-commerce nowadays is very popular, but to be equated with the high-level watch, it will take some time.

Liu Gang (left), Correspondent of Timepieces magazine, and Mr. Liu Lei, Sales Director of Jaeger-LeCoultre (right).

“Watch” magazine: Entering this year, Swiss Watch sales hit a new high in the Chinese market. What advantages do you think have attracted the favor of Chinese consumers to Swiss Watch?

Liu: I think everyone has a watch dream, everyone wants to have a Swiss watch, even if not expensive. When we were young, we knew that buying a watch meant selling a Swiss watch.Many people have the Swiss watch as a sign of success for a moment, in many people’s minds, the manufacture of Swiss watches is already entered a time-domain temple level. Whether in quality or technology, are impeccable. Switzerland has more than three hundred years of watchmaking history,montre breitling whether in the process, history or brand promotion, are walking in the forefront of Germany, Japan, everyone is still very much Rui table recognition. In addition Rui table has its own original features, such as the use of manual techniques, it attracted many consumers.

“Watch” magazine: From the air clock to the enamel table, Jaeger-LeCoultre products are basically high-end-oriented, then how do you think of the mid-range watch market? Because, after all, the mid-market is also a large share of our brand will consider introducing some products to adapt to this?

Liu: I think this issue needs to be analyzed. On the one hand, Jaeger-LeCoultre is in the field of high-end watches and is at the top of the pyramid. To ensure quality, the annual output can not be too large. For the mid-end market, we also Not much investment. However, in my opinion, Jaeger-LeCoulter’s position is that while having high-end quality, it can also make people with a certain foundation proficient, and our price is still quite reasonable. For example, our product line at a price below 100,000 is one of the most advanced watch brands. This depends on how the end is defined, is the mid-range brand or the price? We will try our best to make people with a certain foundation have the ability to purchase our products and have access to our culture.

Replica Watches Jaeger-LeCoultre watch on display at the event


“Watch” magazine: We see that in recent years, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched many jewelry watches, in the future we will this piece as a new area of ​​?? expansion?

Liu: Jaeger-LeCoultre will launch some fine jewelry watches in the past two years, all of which reflect the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s standard of manufacture and craftsmanship in jewelry watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre is a watch factory with a complete manufacturing process. The factory is very rare now. For the jewelry watch, we very often value, but we are by no means a simple ornament on a few pieces of jewelry, jewelry we watch each have a very high jewelry inlaid process is to reflect our technology One aspect. But our focus is still on the research and development of high complexity.

Replica Watch” magazine: Jaeger-LeCoulter series of watches can be said that the popular century, what is the classic understanding of the product is what, do you think the classic value?

General Manager Liu: I personally think that classics must have vitality no matter in any age. They must all be very special watches, have their own style, and I think the watch culture is all-encompassing and contending. But now more and more watch brands in order to meet the market and changed their style. For example, many brands are now changing their style to meet the needs of the Chinese market. For Jaeger-Lecoultre, we have to launch dozens of unique style watches every year, from simple to complex watches are the same. If this feature can not be extended,montre pas cher how to talk about their own style? How about classic? Each brand has its own characteristics, you can go to comply with the preferences of a market, but too move in a market will die the essence of a brand, it will become China Rui table. Why do we like Swiss watches? It is because he has his own style and charm, hundreds of years ago watchmakers drank coffee in the afternoon to discuss the tabulation of fun, the classic is so out of this classic has lasted for hundreds of years, and up to now Lost his watch culture, is a very regrettable thing. This is also worth considering every one of our watch practitioners things.

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