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HD Photo Interpretation of the “Geneva Seal” Replica Watches

The Twelve Principles of the Geneva Seal

The so-called Geneva Seal or Poin? On de Genève, in today’s marketing jargon, can be described as a “quality mark” or “Taiwan boutique” such quality assurance mark.

In the same year, watchmaking in the Geneva area was sold in the name of “made in Geneva” in order to protect watches and clocks truly in the Geneva area and to prevent the watch making from other places or countries being manufactured. Replica Watches In 1886 Geneva by the bell table concluded Association of the “Geneva law”, only made out in line with the law of the watch, verified before they can have an eagle engraved on the shield with the key pattern Geneva badges on plywood movement. At present, a total of 12 “Geneva Rules” have been amended so far and have undergone many changes so as to meet the changes of the times.

 Although not necessarily not necessarily a mark of Geneva, it is not a good indicator of conformity with the Geneva mark, but it almost represents the highest level of sophistication in watchmaking. The Geneva Seal Act details the norms of high standard production for each part of the movement, although parts are purely based on decorative considerations such as all sharp corners must be beveled and then polished and polished; moving gears must be manually modified, And boxwood polished light and so on. Moreover, though these twelve laws may not necessarily be fully agreed upon by every master watchmaker or expert and, in addition, the watch which it produces only in watch factories in the Geneva area has a strong geographical exclusivity, Subject to criticism. Of course, in recent years, such high-end brands as Patek Philippe have gradually abandoned the Geneva mark and adopted their own brand ‘s proprietary mark.
Get the Three Prerequisites for the Geneva Seal
  First, only mechanical watches are accepted and assembled and adjusted within the territory of the city of Geneva.
  Second, 12 strict rules must be followed.
  Third, we must pass the inspection body eight members at the same time recognized.
Twelve laws of Geneva stamp:
 1A. All parts in the movement, including added mechanical parts, that is, parts made of all metallic materials and additional machine equipment, the surface must be leveled, the edges must be chamfered and polished, and the inner and side surfaces of all parts must be ground.
1B. The edges of all steel parts must be chamfered, polished and polished to make them mirror-like. All screw cap edges and notches have to be polished corners, screw tail plane or spherical polishing to be done
Although not necessarily not necessarily a mark of Geneva, it is not a good indicator of conformity with the Geneva mark, but it almost represents the highest level of sophistication in watchmaking. More or less loved by people who love the table sought after. Many of these rules, which are standards-based, have a positive effect on the stability and aesthetics of the movement. Below we continue to introduce the rest of the law.
2. All the mechanical train wheels, escapement, Aberdeen and the balance wheel must be equipped with ruby ​​bearings (see picture below ), except for the ruby ​​of the barrel, the spring shaft,Replica Watches Rolex  and the center hole of the floor . The hole must be highly polished, and the gear contact surface must be arc-polished, at least to be planar polishing, in order to reduce the friction area. The center hole of the ruby ​​must have a bell mouth oil reservoir and be highly polished so as to prevent the oil from spreading and losing. The ruby’s outer periphery must be hollowed and polished and landscaped. Escapement wheel and horse must also have the same as the balance wheel care stone, so that friction to a minimum, at least escapement wheel must have on the stone.
3. Hairspring must use Breguet double blue steel hairspring, thin movement using a single layer of blue steel hairspring can also be accepted. Balance head on the pleasure must be a single head with a circular neck, free-sliding movable metal plate locking, or to adjust the style of the support bolt is acceptable.
4. The hairspring regulator, that is, the speed indicator must have a fixed device and can be fine-tuned (such as a gooseneck microneader) (Figure 1), ultra-thin movement is not required to fine-tune the needle and needle device. Without the design of the speed needle, the balance wheel must be able to fine-tune the speed of the compensation screw, and at least two or four new beryllium-nickel alloy enamel code compensation balance wheel (as shown in Figure 2), or a minimum of 4 or 8 Fine-tuning speed, there is no compensation ring screw ring, it is acceptable in modern times.
5. Driven by the balance wheel swing plate, adjust the isochronous beats structure and speed mechanism and its parts, must meet the requirements of the rules 1A and 1B.
6. All gear train gear ring edge and its supporting beam must be chamfered, fake watch and the small tooth at the junction, you must polish modification. Gear with a thickness of less than 0.15 mm, then
7. The steel gear teeth of all gear trains and their cross-sections, the ends of all wheel axles, and their poles must be mirror polished. In other words, all the gear trains of the drive train must be polished. The steel tooth flanks, including all parts, must be mirror-polished to make them dazzling and will not let the oil diffuse away due to capillarity. When both the ruby ​​and the shaft are mirror polished, the frictional resistance will be reduced, and the lubricating oil will condense into a spherical shape due to the cohesive physical effect, so that the oil will not diffuse and drain due to the capillary phenomenon due to the rough surface.
8. In the escapement system structure, the escapement wheel must be light, the horse itself is best to have a balance device. Movement greater than 18 mm, the best escape wheel thickness of not more than 0.16 mm, while the movement of less than 18 mm, the escape wheel thickness of not more than 0.13 mm. Escapement Whenever the ruby ​​ruby ​​is locked, the ruby ​​ruby ​​must be polished and rubbed. The tip of the ruby ​​ruby ​​must be polished and polished. Only in this way can friction resistance be effectively reduced and the oil will not diffuse away due to capillary physical phenomena. The rubbing surface between the balance wheel and the horse-rubbed ruby ​​should ideally be between 0.07 mm and 0.03 mm. The smaller the friction area, the less kinetic energy loss and the best energy release. Of course, only the finest steel can achieve high efficiency The best long condition
9. Lever type escapement system structure, the horse left and right swing to release energy, driving the balance wheel operation at the same time, to stop the positioning mechanism of the horse must be limited by the fixed splint, regardless of the motherboard or the board can be accepted , But can not be free to move or change the location of the components. One of the most restrictive of the position-limiting structure with two rubies as a model, and the use of stud-type, finely adjustable eccentric bolts, are forbidden.
10. All movement must be equipped with anti-vibration device. The 1900 pocket watch and many of the movements between 1940 and 1970 were imprinted with the Geneva mark, and shock absorbers were not installed at the time, such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin watches, so the rule may be added after 1970.


11. In the system structure of the ratchet crown wheel, must comply with the registered model of the special provisions of production. That is, drum car, car and a small steel wheel and steel wheel bite must be polished to make it easy and effort on the refining effort. In order to achieve the purpose of durability, a small steel wheel to be vertical double-layer, the size of the wheel is best spike-shaped tooth, which can be met in the antique watches, most of the recent list is mostly chamfered Toothed.
12. Do not use wire bend forming spring. The spring has the function of retaining Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, or drum Ji, clutch springs, calendars and automatic gear train, three asked, timekeeping, chronograph and calendar and other properties, the spring parts used The entire piece of steel must be cut and polished, polished and polished to form parts that are flexible and graceful. Regardless of any component in the manipulation of the action, must be returned by means of a spring, the shape of the spring even if it is as thin as paper, or long, or short, and must be fixed by the positioning pin can not be bent or flat spring processing bending , Or with a screwless spring to replace.

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